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How is your relationship with food, sex and money impacting your life?

Heather Lowrey, M.S.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (WA)

Licensed Professional Counselor (TX)

Welcome! My practice focuses on the understanding the role of intimacy avoidant behaviors in our lives. 


What are intimacy avoidant behaviors?  Basically, whenever we use something on the outside to fix something, exercise, sex, shopping, working, alcohol, video games, pornography... 


Sound familiar?  While these may provide short term relief, they are not a long term solution and many times ultimately lead to negative consequences.

Physical, sexual and emotional trauma is at the root for many clients struggling with intimacy avoidant behaviors.  Understanding how prior experiences and core beliefs impact our current behaviors is the first step to moving towards a more fulfilling life.  

What I Specialize In

Sex/Love Addiction

Financial Disorders



Eating Disorders

Phase of Life Transitions